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Velvet Dobby - CADCAM for Weave
CADCAM Software for All Woven Textiles Including 3D Woven Composite for Aerospace,Automotive and all Techical sectors

ScotWeave Velvet Dobby Designer provides a unique CADCAM package for face-to-face velvet fabric design for dobby weaving. This includes single beam dobby fabrics and multi-beam, multi-tension dobby. With full colour printouts, and loomcard printouts (production tickets).

Yarn Colours
Yarns are created by the separate Yarn Designer program and are added to a yarn palette on screen which can hold up to 200 yarns for each design. Yarns can be changed, added to , and removed from the palette at any time. Show Me

Warp Pile and Ground Weft Patterns
Fast creation of warp/weft colour patterns has always been a priority for ScotWeave and with ergonomics in mind a number of quick and easy pattern input methods (using the mouse and/or the keyboard) have been devised.

As well as the usual range of copy/fill/mirror etc., tools ScotWeave allows patterns to be entered using the "bracket" notation. You can also change a pattern size by entering a percentage value for the new pattern. Threads can be inserted, removed from, or added to the end of a pattern at any time. It is also possible to load a the warp/weft patterns from one design onto the screen as the starting point for a new design.

Peg plans are input into simple grids using a notation which clearly shows the three position lift sequences. Peg plans can be stored separately and quickly applied to different warp plans to create new designs quickly and easily.

Single beam and multi-beam, multi-tension designs may be created and an automatic warp beam tension feature is available. A cross sectional view window allows you to trace the path of individual warp pile threads through the weave structure. Show Me

Motifs can be painted visually onto a grid using selected yarn colours to create the tuft pattern that you require. ScotWeave will then automatically extract the cross-section/weave notation required to produce your motif.