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Jacquard Looms - CADCAM for Weave
CADCAM Software for All Woven Textiles Including 3D Woven Composite for Aerospace,Automotive and all Techical sectors
Jacquard Machines Supported
The ScotWeave Jacquard Looms program can produce electronic weave data for the following jacquard machines -

Bonas IBJ
Bonas SSJ
Staubli JC3
Staubli JC4
Staubli JC5
Grosse EJP1/EJP2
Staubli 19-33 Card Cutter

In addition to this the program can print out weave lift data (either as the weave or as cards for a card cutting machine) so that it can be converted to cards suitable for a mechanical jacquard.

Harness Plans
An easy to use, comprehensive harness setup option is provided to create ScotWeave harness plans to match those of you jacquard loom. Up to 13,000 jacquard hooks can be specified. The display of the harness plan can be adjusted (e.g. number of rows and columns) to make it as easy as possible to enter complex harness plans.
Show Me Supports sequential hooking (where first pattern hook in harness lifts first warp end on loom) or mapped hooking (where any pattern hook in harness can lift any warp end on loom).

Automatic Cast-Out Creation
A range of tools for obtaining cast-outs in the harness plan are provided. These include casting out to a produce a specific end density and casting out to produce a specific design size. In addition to this idle hooks can automatically be placed at the back of the loom.