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Jacquard Designer - CADCAM for Weave
CADCAM Software for All Woven Textiles Including 3D Woven Composite for Aerospace,Automotive and all Techical sectors

Artwork images are created and scaled for jacquard design using ScotWeave Artwork Designer. Images can be created freehand, scanned in and edited, or imported from virtually any other image creation software, including Photoshop. Independent X-Y scaling automatically compensates for different warp and weft fabric settings and allows the image to edited in correct proportions. Work in repeat, work across the repeat joins, add edge locking and extra weft (cramming) colours.

Yarn Colours
Yarns are created by the separate Yarn Designer program and are added to a yarn palette on screen which can hold up to 200 yarns for each design. Yarns can be added or removed from the palette at any time. Show Me

Warp and Weft (Fill) Patterns
Fast and easy creation of warp/weft patterns has always been a priority for ScotWeave and with ergonomics in mind a number of quick and easy pattern input methods have been devised. Full copy/fill/mirror options are available. It is also possible to load warp/weft patterns from one design onto the screen as the starting point for a new design.

ScotWeave Jacquard Base Weave Designer is used to create component weaves (base weaves) for jacquard and uses ScotWeave's unique layered approach to aid in the design of complex structures. The screen shows the face weave, back weave, and resulting total weave in separate windows and each can be worked upon separately automatically updating the others. In addition to this separate warp and weft sequence layers can be viewed and worked upon individually (e.g. stitching layers). Show Me

Weave Editing
By assigning base weaves to individual artwork colours the total jacquard weave is generated. Once the composite weave has been created there are a wide range of options for editing the total weave. The weave can be displayed with colour coded markers to help identify the different lifts, in "3D" colour coded markers show the direction of threads (warp or weft), in shaded artwork colours to highlight where weaves meet, and in simple lift format. Show Me

Advanced float checking and breaking options are available to "intelligently" break floats between specified weaves as well as floats in the entire weave structure. Show Me

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