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Jacquard Designer
CADCAM Software for All Woven Textiles Including 3D Woven Composite for Aerospace,Automotive and all Techical sectors

ScotWeave Jacquard Designer is the one of the most comprehensive CAD tools for woven jacquard design currently available. Based around an intuitive visual design approach the software is simple to use, quick to learn, and produces accurate stunning results. Key features include the following -

Uses Yarn Designer for solid, twist, mixture and fancy yarns
Uses Artwork Designer for artwork scanning and editing
Fast easy creation of warp and weft (fill) patterns
Easy input of weave - separate windows for face, back etc.
Weave library system for ease of weave selection
Automatically update jacquard weave if changes made to artwork
Any changes to design are viewed on screen in real-time
float check and break with "smart" float breaking facility
View jacquard weave as lifts, yarn colours, or artwork
Kaleidoscope & Pattern Generator for automatic pattern creation
Change footing of weave structures and see results instantly
Supports extra weft figuring and variable weft densities

Weave 3D to view the fabric structure as a true 3D image
Drape 3D to drape the fabric onto a true 3D model
Auto-drape to view the fabric in one of several drape scenes
Fabric finishing simulations to enhance simulation

Export design or weave as standard image file (TIFF, BMP)
Import weave from standard image files (TIFF, BMP etc.)
Uses Jacquard Looms program for output to electronic jacquards

100% Microsoft Windows® compatible
Uses standard computer hardware
ScotWeave's advanced programming features

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