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Dobby Designer - CADCAM for Weave
CADCAM Software for All Woven Textiles Including 3D Woven Composite for Aerospace,Automotive and all Techical sectors
Yarn Colours
Yarns are created by the separate Yarn Designer program and are added to a yarn palette on screen which can hold up to 200 yarns for each design. Yarns can be changed, added to, and removed from the palette at any time Show Me

Warp and Weft (Fill) Patterns
Fast creation of warp/weft colour patterns has always been a priority for ScotWeave and with ergonomics in mind a number of quick and easy pattern input methods (using the mouse and/or the keyboard) have been devised. We use real yarn information and can calculate cost per metre squared and fibre composition as the design is created.

Dobby Designer allows you to work with the draft/draw and peg/chain plan or the composite weave structures and automatically generates the draft and pegging. A library of over 700 weaves is provided free with the system. You can, of course, add to this library and save your own weaves, drafts and peg plans. Fancy weave types can also be created (e.g. double cloths, skip dents and cramming, extra warp and weft figuring). Automatic float checking and breaking can be applied to a weave.

Create dobby weaves using up to 40 shafts, or limit the available shafts to match production facilities.

Creative Design Aids
A range of tools are available to help you quickly generate new design ideas. Colourway blankets can be quickly generated from an existing design idea. Kaleidoscope and Pattern Generator can be used to create new pattern ideas automatically. Patterns and pattern blocks can be resized by percentage or to a specific size (inches or cms).

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