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Artwork Designer
CADCAM Software for All Woven Textiles Including 3D Woven Composite for Aerospace,Automotive and all Techical sectors

Artwork Designer is a comprehensive image creation tool optimised for the creation of artwork images suitable for conversion to jacquard designs. It contains a full range of image editing tools which make it suitable for any type of image creation. Key features include -

Simple freehand paint and full geometrical tools
Support for pressure-sensitive pens
HSV and RGB colour in 256 or 16.7 million colour modes
Create and save user-defined paint brush templates
Advanced multiple object clipboard
Paint in repeat and paint across the joins of an image
Automatic creation of "dropped" images (e.g. half-drop etc.)
Object mode allows motifs to be placed on separate image layers
Full image scanning and cleanup tools to remove stray pixels
Image effects and image textures
Work in ends/picks, centimeters or inches
Advanced multiple colour key, mask and transparency modes
Import and export in all standard image file formats
Artwork scaling to match jacquard ends/picks and settings
"Extra weft" colour assignment for jacquard design

100% Microsoft Windows® compatible
Uses standard computer hardware
ScotWeave's advanced programming features

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