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CADCAM Software for All Woven Textiles Including 3D Woven Composite for Aerospace,Automotive and all Techical sectors
Software development continues at ScotWeave with the following list being just a brief selection of new features recently added to the software.

Dobby Designer
The maximum weave size has been increased to 12000 ends by 12000 picks to accommodate large single repeat designs. Weaves of this size require large amounts of processing so we recommend faster computers and more RAM if you intend to work with these large weaves.

A new Style Blanket option will be shown. This option allows you to select several different previously saved dobby designs and to combine them into a blanket for weaving. The designs can have different warp and fill patterns and different draft and peg plans. ScotWeave has always offered colourway blankets in which sections share the same draft, peg plan and warp/fill pattern layouts but this new option allows you to combine different design styles in a blanket.Show Me

Support for the ARM Patronic B60 dobby sample loom will be available. This loom is controlled using the ARM Selecontrol PMC control unit which can be connected to ScotWeave via a serial cable.

Jacquard Designer
Several features have been added to the Weave 3D window to make this more useful. You can overlay the artwork colours onto the 3D Weave to show where different weaves meet. The Weave 3D window now interacts with the float checking feature and will show long floats with arrow markers Show Me

A new Jacquard Macro feature will be on display. This feature allows you to save a set of artwork colour to base weave assignments and also float checking parameters as a macro file. You can then apply a saved macro to a new artwork file and automatically apply the weaves and perform float checking with a single mouse click. This is very useful if you can organise your artwork creation so that the same artwork colours are used for the same base weave structures every time.

New mini 3D weave cross sectional views are now available in the browse weave window (when assigning weaves to colours) and also in the float checking window. These 3D views allow more detailed analysis of weave structures when they are being assigned or changed. When float checking, long floats can be shown much more clearly on the 3D weave structure as can the implications of breaking a float at a particular point.

A new feature to convert raw jacquard weave data to a solid coloured artwork image will be available in ScotWeave for the first time. This feature will enable you to read back a jacquard loom disk and extract the artwork image from the weave data, which can then be processed in Jacquard Designer as normal by applying new base weaves and warp/weft patterns.

Jacquard Terry Towel Designer
A lot of development time is being allocated to this new product with the aim of making it the best Terry Towel design package available. Ease of use is a priority and a good on-screen simulation will be available very soon. Meanwhile the Jacquard Looms program has been modified to integrate more closely with the special requirements of terry towel weaving (e.g. pile height control , weaving speed control, terry hook mapping).

Networking - Support for URL Pathnames
A major internal change to ScotWeave means that you can now configure ScotWeave to use full URL pathnames for folder names and file locations. This has become necessary for the larger and more complex networks that ScotWeave software is now being installed on. The setup of these URL pathnames has been designed to be as simple as possible and uses a few easily created ASCII text files. A PDF document describing this feature in detail is available on request and is currently supplied on current update CDs under \PDF Manuals\Pathnames.PDF

New ScotWeave Manuals
A complete rewrite of the current ScotWeave user manuals has begun. This may not seem like an exciting feature but you should not underestimate the importance of good user manuals - after the initial user training has finished it is to these manuals that most users will turn for advice. The new manuals build on the core of the existing manuals but will incorporate all of the many additional features that have been added plus some enhancements to the layout to make them easier to read. The manuals will be included on all future update CDs as they are completed. Already completed are the manuals for Artwork Designer and Dobby Designer.