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New Features October 2005
CADCAM Software for All Woven Textiles Including 3D Woven Composite for Aerospace,Automotive and all Techical sectors
Software development continues at ScotWeave with the following list being just a brief selection of new features recently added to the software.

Dobby Designer
A all-new Seersucker/cheesecloth fabric simulation has now been added to give screen and printer simulations of these fashionable fabric types. Show Me

The maximum number of dobby shafts has now been increased to 64 to allow the creation of ever more complex dobby weaves. Although 64 shafts may seem excessive it does allow you to create initially complex weaves and then work on them to reduce the shafts to a more realistic number.

A separate CD with a library of over 21,000 dobby weaves is now available to ScotWeave users. Another CD is also available with additional 3D Models.

Jacquard Designer
A new option now makes it possible tio import a boxing (weft selector) sequence from a jacquard loomdisk. The loomdisk is read in the Jacquard Looms program and the boxing sequence easily identified and saved to file. The file can then be opened in Jacquard Designer and yarns applied from the palette to the colour up the weft sequence.

Jacquard Looms
Support for the TIS jacquard loom and ACTROM card cutter had been added.

A new "generic" loom disk read option has been added which can be used to read loom data from and unknown loom file. New easier input method for setting up multiple-zone JC5 harnesses.

Artwork Designer
New paint brush styles for more varied painting. The user can also define their own brushes and add these to the list of available brushes.

You can now paint with the brush using a rotated drop.

The stripe function now allows up to 40 different stripe definitions.

Velvet Jacquard
An all-new fabric simulation has been built-in for greatly improved visualization of velvet fabrics.