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New Features July 2005
CADCAM Software for All Woven Textiles Including 3D Woven Composite for Aerospace,Automotive and all Techical sectors
Software development continues at ScotWeave with the following list being just a brief selection of new features recently added to the software.

Dobby Designer
New visual file browsing and yarn selection options makes it easier and quicker to locate and select your files. A new colourways layout option for printing gives you more control of how your colourways are laid out on the printed page. A new variable warp density option gives the user an alternative to the standard denting (sleying) method for spacing the warp ends. Fringing can now be applied separately to the warp and/or to the weft.

In response to user requests we have also added variable yarn chip sizes on printouts, the option to include the library codes on the yarn chips, and improved printing of dobby weaves with several weaves per page.

Jacquard Designer
Jacquard Designer also benefits from most of those options list above for dobby, and now includes a new "loomcard-like" method for entering weft density and regulator sequences. A new option to enter weaving speed has also been added.

Advanced finishing allows finish effects to be applied to some and not other sections of the design (based upon the colours in the artwork).

The maximum number of layers in a base weave has been increased to 16. An Auto-generate option has also been added to automatically generate all of the layer combinations for a base weave and save these with different names.

Jacquard Looms
Automatic support for electronic loom functions on Somet looms has been added (this could previously done manually).

Yarn Designer
Variable yarn chip sizes on printouts has been added to this program. A new mode of operation which ties the print library PCR values to the screen HSV values has been added so that changing the screen colour will automatically change the printer colour.

The Drape program has received major attention and now has an easier to use "drag and drop" interface as well as a facelift for the major dialogs. You can also scan directly into the program now, as well as importing images from other software. The manual has been rewritten to reflect these changes.