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New Features March 2006
CADCAM Software for All Woven Textiles Including 3D Woven Composite for Aerospace,Automotive and all Techical sectors

In addition to the major developments in ScotWeave Technical Weaver and the general improvements to 3D modelling, the following new features have been added to ScotWeave software

Artwork Designer
A new paint brush interface has been designed for ease of use. The new interface sits in a window at he bottom of the screen and allows access to a range of advanced system brushes as well as the standard user-defined square and round brushes.

The operation of Key, Mask and Tran colours has been revised, as has the general operation of colour lists. These now work directly from the palette. You can RIGHT click in the palette to add a colour to the Key, mask, Tran lists or you can drag and drop a colour from the palette and onto one of the Key, Mask or Tran icons at the bottom of the palette window.

A new option allows you to scan an image directly into Drape, whereas previously you would have to import a scanned image from Artwork Designer.

Jacquard Base Weaves
A new option to print all of the base weaves in a selected folder allows faster printing of weave libraries and also features more than one weave per page (where weave sizes permit).

Jacquard Looms
Support for Dornier Terry fabric looms has been added.

Terry Jacquard Designer
A new window allows easier assignment of weft selectors for a design and also permits the assignment of more than one selector per yarn. You can also "randomise" multiple weft selectors to avoid patterning effects when using more than one selector.

FileConvert Utility
A new File Conversion utility program has been added to the ScotWeave main menu. This allows the conversion of other file formats into ScotWeave and also the conversion of some ScotWeave file formats into standard formats. Crucially, the FileConvert utility allows you to process multiple files (e.g. all the files in a selected folder) making it much easier to perform mass conversions.