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New Features March 2005
CADCAM Software for All Woven Textiles Including 3D Woven Composite for Aerospace,Automotive and all Techical sectors
Software development continues at ScotWeave with the following list being just a brief selection of new features recently added to the software.

New ScotWeave Manuals
The rewrite of the ScotWeave manuals is now complete and new versions of all of these are provided on the ScotWeave update CD in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. These manuals are installed onto your hard drive automatically when you install the update.

New On-Line Help for All Programs
A new system of online help has been integrated into all ScotWeave programs. The Help - Online Manual menu selection will now launch Adobe Acrobat Reader and display the full manual for the particular ScotWeave program. This contents page of this manual contains live links that you can click on to display a particular topic in the manual.

Since the ScotWeave manuals are kept up to date and automatically installed on your system with each software update the information displayed will always be relevant to your software. The method we use for creating the Adobe Acrobat PDF files also enables us to layout information in the most convenient format possible for clarity and ease of use.

Jacquard Looms
Support for the following jacquard machines and looms has been added to the program -

AVL Sample Jacquard Loom (J1P file format)
DWN TC-1 Sample Jacquard Loom
SMIT G6300 Loom

Vamatex Looms

The program has also been revised to handle larger weave sizes (currently over 32,000 ends) and has undergone internal optimisation to speed up handling of these larger weave sizes.

Terry Jacquard Designer
Major work in this program has resulted in, what we believe to be, the most versatile terry jacquard design tool currently available. All of the weaving parameters (including pile height, weaving speed, beam tensions and cramming options) can be entered for each section of the towel at the design stage, making it quicker and easier to create a towel design.

A new loop simulation has been added for a realistic view of the finished towel.

Dobby Designer, Jacquard Designer
Both of these programs are being revisited as part of an on-going process of optimisation to speed them up and add "ease of use". As weave sizes increase this is important to ensure that they are still fast and easy to use.