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New Features for March 2003
CADCAM Software for All Woven Textiles Including 3D Woven Composite for Aerospace,Automotive and all Techical sectors

The following is a selection of new features that have been added to ScotWeave for the month of March-

Dobby Support for the CCI Tech Dobbytronic SL7900 sample loom has been added. For more information about this loom visit the CCI Tech website.

Dobby A new method of warp/weft pattern entry has been added. The "Loomcard Pattern Entry" option presents a dialog in the form of a loomcard, with pattern data in columns. You can create or edit warp and weft patterns by writing directly into the dialog.

Dobby Full support for loading of ScotWeave jacquard base weaves into dobby is now available. If the incoming base weave has too many sequences (warp/weft layers) then it is converted into a single cloth dobby weave.

Jacquard Changes to the operation of the "Default Regulator" function for automatically creating a regulator sequence. This function makes it easier to weave extra weft fabrics.

Jacquard Float Check/Break dialog revised and new options added for more efficient float detection.

Jacquard Loom control hook map function has been revised to make it easier and quicker to create complex hook maps.

Yarn Designer New option to automatically create approximate colour library codes (PCR) from the on screen colours values (HSV). This option can match single yarns files or all files in a selected folder automatically.

Installation and Update A new ScotWeave "Installer" program makes installation and updating ScotWeave even easier than before. A typical installation can be completed in less than 10 minutes and an update in 5 minutes.